- Recording Secretary / Trainer



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Lets see .... she's one of the most versatile Sleepwalkers ... and our most treasured ...
She's the one ALL the guys in Sleepwalkers like ....and why so many come back to
our meetings..... but besides being that smiling face that can beam across a room and
make you feel like you just hit the lottery (she really has those anchors going), She
is also our most tallented Sleepwalker ......

Lets see ... Cindy is a Registered Pharmacist by trade and a Certified Aerobics Intstructor, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Certified Personal Trainer, Master Gardener, Licensed Real Estate Agent, Certified Interior Designer, Certified Riding Instructor and Certified Stable Manager.
Of course, she is a certified hypnotherapist as well !

Okay .... so when Cindy greets ya at the door at a Sleepwalkers meeting and you think
you're going to get over on her ... just think for a minute that Cindy regularly competes in Half Ironman Triathlons as well as Round Manhattan Swims.

Cindy is currently studying with Jacob Bimblich and plans on opening a Hypnosis practice in Westchester focusing on weight loss, smoking and athletic competition.
Guys ...wanna wrestle? :)