Marco 'the Magnificent' Cepeda

Well .. not really ... Marco wanted us to use a REALLY
hypnotic name ... so I called him SLEEPY! He really didn't
care for it. So now I just call him MESMER .....!!!!

Marco is a brillant strategist. Not only is he second in command at Sleepwalkers Headquarters (which is really just a state of mind, not a location), but he also runs a 'Street-Skills' NLP group in NYC with close to 150 covert-type guys ......

He's the analytical edge to John's weird craziness.
Somber, sexy, hip and cool to John's weird, get-in-your face,
now trademarked anti-social behavior.

Even though he's a pretty good looking guy (at least the female Sleepwalkers whisper his name in low tones from beneath warm quilts during the winter months), he chose to display this photo direct from his file at the Witness-Protection program archives ... you figure .....

He's kind of laid-back at the meetings, waiting to jump in at a moment's notice.
But although he hides in the shadows, WHEN HE DOES jump in, he casts a BIG SHADOW amongst the Sleepwalkers and his NLP Street skills and willingness to share them with others are on a par beyond compare ..........

Well ... that's Marco ... in a NUTSHELL! :)

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