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"Hypnotic Languaging Patterns to Meet the Opposite Sex"

Mike ....called the 'Trance-Man'. Mike is so good, no one knows fact from fiction with Mike. Rumour has it, Mike2Velli was a former Ringling Brother Circus High-wireman. Mike once hypnotized three penquins into thinking they were highway traffic cones and then sat there on the side of the highway with a weird grin on his face while they dodged pintos and mazdas like a pin ball machine ball.

Now known for his amazing tallents as a street magician. Mike once took a group of 6 wealthy
businessman on the street and said he could do a magic disappearing act. He had them
CLOSE their eyes and when they opened them ... their wallets were gone and amazingly,
Mike was in Argentina.

Known for his command of hypnotic language, Mike had his second grade teacher fall into
a deep coma while reciting the A B C s and looking deep into his eyes .... very deep .... and
deeper still ........ and soooo sooo very deep that you just want to ..........

Mike is now one of the Somnambulistic Sleepers Main coaches ... a brilliant covert style
hypnotist ....... He is starting up the Sleepwalkers Staten Island chapter. Meet him at the trainings.

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